About Us


So who are we?

Mystic Fire Topaz jewelry is a website owned SylvaRocks, a small family jewelry business located in the mountains of western North Carolina. We have been serving the Sylva and Franklin communities for about 20 years, producing fine quality gold jewelry at exceptionally low prices.

It's important to understand that we actually make everything we sell. We cast all of our jewelry ourselves, whether in Sterling Silver, 10k, 14, or 18k Gold. This gives us tremendous flexibility, since we can customize your jewelry easily.

For instance, any ring we sell can be sized just for you, no extra charge, from size 3 to size 16. Need extra links in your bracelet? Sure. Want to set several colors of stones in a bracelet? Cool! We can handle that. Want different accent stones in a ring? Absolutely. See a ring, pendant or earrings you like, but want a different stone. We can do that. Want to build a set of a particular stone, and want a "group" price? Sounds good to us...

Obviously, some of these options will affect the price, but the bottom line is we'll do what ever we can to make you happy.